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Additional water cooled cooler

Purpose: The additional cooler is to be used for outlet air cooling from compressor from 130-160 degrees to 30-40 degrees, necessary for tool operation.

Technical data: The tanks are made of steel sheet S.1212, with cooper pipeline. The exchange of beat s provided by proper pipe register. The movement direction of primary fluid is toward movement direction of secondary fluid. The coolers are vertical vessels made under aggregation method. With one or more columns becomes different efficiency from 32, 64, and 96 m3/min with proper thermal capacities.
The additional coolers are pressure tested and delivered with inspection certificate.
The technical data are in schedule.
The consumption of cooling water is to be calculated from diagrams shown below.
The othercapacities of coolers on customer request.

Ordering example: Type NH2 - 10
NH2 - additional cooler 64 m3/min
10 - operating pressure
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