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Compressed air branch unit

Purpose: The branch unit is to be use for connection of more compressor and consumer lines in one system. They can be used for other nonaggressive media with temperature up to 100 degrees.

Technical data: The branch unit is cylindrical vessel made by welding of seamless steel pipes (JUS C.B5.221) tested under pressure. The standard delivery with one inlet and five outlet connections, with pressure gauge and condensate valve, safety valve on customer request. Standard operating pressures 10 up to 16 bar. Standard dimensioos in the schedule, others on customer request.

Ordering example: 16 MR 3
MR - branch unit
16 - operating pressure bar
3 - branch unit from schedule (93 liters)

By ordering please note necessary fittings and valves.

1 - compressed air inlet
2-6 - compressed air oulet
7 - safety valve connection
8 - measurement gauge connection
9 - condensate outlet connection R1/2''
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