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Vertical steel tank

Purpose: The vertical steel tank is made for storage of large quantities of oil and oil decimates, as well as other nonaggressive fiuids.
Technical data: Tank is cylindrically shaped with couple of toryspherical bottoms. Volume and main dimensions of tank according to JUS.M.Z3.030. are given intable.

The tank is made by welding of steel sheets S.0361. lt is supplied with revision hole and heating connecfion, Number of heating connection (one or two) depends of order. Connection of the tank are located on revision hole cover, and on customer request can be located on heating connection. Ladders, fences and other supplies, necessary for exploitation, can be separateiy contracted The tank is outside corrosion protected by color primer, the inside protection on customer request. Each tankis hydraulically tested, under 2 bar water pressure.
Ordering example: VCR - 10 - 500/600
VCR - vertical steel tank
10 - volume in m3
500 - diameter of first heater connector
600 - diameter of second heater connector
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