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Home hydrophore

Purpose: Those vessels with volume of 90, 130 and 180 liter are parts of hydrophore systems for individual house water supply, everywhere is no water general supply. They can be user for water pressure increasing in existing water systems.

Technical data: The vessel is made by automatic welding of steel sheet.
Dimensions and manufacture is according to the JUS M.E2.100. Standard. Hydrophore plant can suck water from depth of 6 up to 7 meters, and with additional equipment up to 30 m, The erection and handling of system are extremely simply, included in user manual delivered within each vessel. The connection positions are on drawing, and technical data are given in schedule. All the vessels are corrosion protected by hot zinc method, and cold water pressure tested on 6 bar. On each vessel is plate signed by adequate inspection officer.

1. Water inlet and outlet connection
2. Water inlet and outlet connection
3. Automatic pressure switch connection
4. Air connection
5 Pressure gauge connection
6. Water emptying connection


TIP HP-90 HP-130 HP-180
max. radni pritisak (bar) 4 4 4
zapremina (lit) 90 130 180
oD (mm) 400 400 450
H (mm) 819 1164 1295
h (mm) 282 282 305
d1 R5/4" R5/4" R5/4"
d2 R5/4" R5/4" R5/4"
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