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Water treatment equipment

Hydrophore vessel

Purpose: The Hydrophore vessel is component of water supply system which provides automatic water delivery of individual houses, buildings and industrial plants, as well as
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Home hydrophore

Purpose: Those vessels with volume of 90, 130 and 180 liter are parts of hydrophore systems for individual house water supply, everywhere is no water ...
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Closed expansion vessel

Purpose: Closed expansion vessel is to be use in closed hot water heating systems to compensate change of water volume which results due the temperature ...
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Open expansion vessel

Purpose: Open expansion vessel is designed for compensation of water expansion in hot water beating systems, due to increased temperature, as well as compensation of ...
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Membrane expansion vessel

Purpose: These vessels are safety units and have to built in closed system of hot water heating according to regulations DIN 4751 or JUS M.E7.202. ...
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Industrial boiler

Purpose: The boilers are to be used for preparation of hot technical oe sanitary water with max temperature of 90 degrees and operating pressures of ...
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Countercurrent heat exchanger

Purpose: Counter current beat exchanger have wide purpose in heating and refrigerating area, for hot water preparation, vapor condensation and heating of liquids andgases. Technical data:Heat ...
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Water sand filter

Purpose: The sand filter is closed type and is usually used for elimination of mechanical dirtiness (sized 0 up to 1 mm) which are in ...
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Water softener

Purpose: Water softener is to be use for softening of physically clear water. The found purpose in plants for preparation of hot and cooling water, ...
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