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Membrane expansion vessel

Purpose: These vessels are safety units and have to built in closed system of hot water heating according to regulations DIN 4751 or JUS M.E7.202. The expansion vessel is to mounted near to the boiler and to be connected trough one pipe for expansiori. The purpose of them is to accept the increased volume of water in hot water heating systems or to keep the pressure fixed in closed installations.
Technical data: Expansion vessels are cylindrically shaped, made by welding of steel sheet. In the vessel is located rubber membrane which separates water from the air ( water is inside of rubber bubble ). The advantages of these vessels are as follows:
- no corrosion of the (water is not in contact with the vessel)
- no water waste in vapor
- simply built in
- possibility of changing parts
- vessel is near to the boiler,which avoid the frozen
- vessels can be with capacity up to 1000 liters, with operating pressures of 6, 10 and 16 bar.
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