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Water sand filter

Purpose: The sand filter is closed type and is usually used for elimination of mechanical dirtiness (sized 0 up to 1 mm) which are in the water. It is usually used as last filter for filtering the water in heating plants, open and closed swimming pools and industrial plants.
Technical data: Capacity of our sand filter is 1 up to 100 m3/h of purified water, and can be used for operating pressures up to 6 bar. The dimensioning of vessels is according to the regulations, and is closed type. The vessel is designed as pressure vessel, vertical type and is made by welding of steel sheet S.0361. Inner side of vessei is corrosion protected with epoxy primer, and outside with color primer. The vessel is two revision holes. In lower part of vessel is plate with proper number of nozzles. On the base plate is filling, consist of three layers of washed quartz sand, of different granulation.The main data is n the schedule. There is on both side inlet and outlet measurement gauges for control of pressure decrease trough the filter. When the filling is new and the sand clean pressure decrease is 0.1 bar. If the pressure decrease is going to be greater the sand filter have to cleaned with water and compressed air. The water (O.5-l bar) have to be connected on filter for cleaning from downside, and after That the air (0.5-i bar) have to be connected for shaking the sand. For cleaning the filter fro 500 up to 600 liters or, square meter of filtering surface, of water is necessary, and 1 up to 1,5 m3 of compressed air. Cleaning should be performed in duration of 15 upto 20 minutes, and the frequency of cleaning depend of water dirtiness. Filter is to be cleaned one weekly.

Ordering example:
Sand filter type POPF 10
POPF - sand filter
10- capacity of water 40 upto 45 m3/h (see schedule)
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