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Water softener

Purpose: Water softener is to be use for softening of physically clear water. The found purpose in plants for preparation of hot and cooling water, in textile, pharmaceutical, chemical and beer industry, e.g. everywhere the soft water is needed for technology. Water is softened by exchanging of harness ions with ions of natrium. After softening of certain water quantity the inner ionic mass have to be regenerated with simple salt, so the life ofthis equipment is unlimited.
Technical data: Water softener consist of main vessel and salt vessels. The vessels are vertical, cylindrically shaped, made by welding of steel sheet S.0361. In bottom part of the vessel is perforated plate with plastic nozzles, which permits troughpass of water and stops the salt mass. The inner surfaces of vessels are corrosion protected by epoxy primer, with food industry certificate. and the outer surfaces by color primer. Inside rubber protection on customer request.Temperature of inlet water have to be between-so degrees and .50 degrees, and operating pressure 6 bar. Main dimensions of softener and connection measurements are in the schedule. User manual included.Water softener delivery is complete with fittings, and ion exchanging mass for first filing. For testing of water quality the valves mounted, and for measurernent of water quantity water gauge on outlet pipe.

Ordering example:
The choice have to be made from the graph bellow, on basis of water hardness and required water quantity.
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